Over the past year, the U.S. has experienced a surge in overdose as substance abuse becomes more prominent during the COVID-19 pandemic. Widespread shutdowns and social distancing measures have made it difficult for those seeking guidance and treatment for mental illness and substance abuse issues to secure resources. Sadly, substance use disorders also co-occur with mental health disorders and this is why our organization is raising awareness of co-occurring disorders during May – Mental Health Awareness Month

Below, we have free resources that are created to help individuals who struggle with their mental health and substance use:

  1. Our Free Virtual Support Meetings allow individuals to join free online12-step AA/NA meetings that are hosted weekly by a person in recovery.
  2. An infographic on The Heightened Risk of Substance Use Associated With Mental Illness.  
  3. Our Drug and Alcohol Abuse Hotlines guide provides information on how hotlines operate, signs & symptoms of addiction, treatment options, and contact information for free helplines.
  4. Our State-Funded Rehab Guide helps people find free state-funded rehab centers and treatment options near them.
  5. Our Drug Effects Calculator gives an estimated time of how long it might take for someone using a particular drug to sober up.