In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS) pays a worker to perform tasks for children and adults who have mental health concerns or other disabilities, and receive SSI (Supplemental Security Income). In some instances IHSS is available to people who are eligible, but not receiving SSI.

Depending on the needs of the person who has the mental health concern, IHSS can provide domestic services (cleaning, cooking, laundry, shopping) personal care services (bathing, dressing, helping to eat, bowel and bladder care), transportation to doctors appointments, paramedical services (giving injections, with supervision), and protective supervision (to prevent injuries, hazards and accidents).

IHSS conducts an assessment to determine which functions of daily living you can not do for yourself. The assessment will determine the number of IHSS hours per month that you will receive. The maximum number of IHSS hours you can receive for general care is 195 hours per month. The maximum number of IHSS hours you can receive if you are determined to be “severely disabled” is 283 hours per month. If you disagree with the number of hours you are allotted, you can file an appeal to show why certain tasks require more time for you to complete.

Spouses and parents of minor children needing IHSS can be paid to provide IHSS with certain restrictions. They are paid only for services which must be provided because the spouse or child is disabled. They will not be paid for services a parent or spouse normally provides, such as cleaning or cooking. Parents can be paid for all IHSS services an eligible adult child needs.

For more information about IHSS or to apply for services, contact:

Solano County Health & Welfare Department
Social Services Programs – Adult Programs
275 Beck Ave
Fairfield, CA 94533

Spanish speaking staff available; staff can access translators for other languages.